Importing Projects

You can add a project to FOSSA in a few ways Dashboard > Add Project:

  • Github
  • Github Enterprise (on-prem only, requires config)
  • Bitbucket Cloud
  • Bitbucket Server (on-prem only, requires config)
  • Gitlab
  • Manually via URL (on-prem only, for any supported VCS or package registry)

By default, FOSSA will automatically set up automatic updates, code review integrations and more if you use a service (non-manual) import method:

Importing projects

  1. Select your organization
  2. Select one or more repositories (on the same page)
  3. Click Fetch & Import

Once imported, you will be redirected to the project or your dashboard.

Currently Supported Environments

As long as FOSSA can reach your code, it will download and scan all of it for license information. To discover and organize additional dependencies, FOSSA integrates with various other methods:

Coming Soon:

  • Java (Ant)
  • Scala (Sbt)
  • Haskell

Every month we're actively adding more integrations! For unsupported environments, FOSSA will still run for your repository -- however it may either miss some dependency data or have trouble organizing information in the UI.

NOTE: FOSSA analyzes these projects according to industry standards of development setups. If you have a particularly unique setup, contact support and we'll help FOSSA work with you. Any integration limitations are listed in the relevant docs articles.

Supported Tooling Integrations

In addition to code environments, FOSSA supports other ways of integrating with your workflow.

Coming Soon:

  • Github Issues (currenty FOSSA can export to GH issues -- deeper integration and status syncing coming soon...)

Request Integrations

To request more integrations or ask about an integration in development, contact