Golang (Alpha)


FOSSA's Golang support replicates the behavior of go get to retrieve and analyze dependencies.

The Golang integration is currently in Alpha and under high-priority development. Known limitations and implementation details are documented below.


Project settings config is accessible and editable from the projects page (http://<fossa-host>/projects/<project>/settings/languages).

The environment variables used during project build is configurable via Project Settings > Builds and Languages > General.


FOSSA follows the behavior of go build and go get to discover and resolve dependencies to the most accurate versions.


FOSSA discovers dependencies by graphing the import statements traversed by a build of entry point modules, similar to go build. Currently, all build paths and entry points are concatenated to calculate the dependency requirements of a repository. Although FOSSA can distinguish between different modules or build targets in a repo, you must currently use a .fossaconfig file to ignore modules you want to exclude.

go get is capable of downloading dependencies from 4 types of Version Control Systems (VCS):

  • git (SUPPORTED)

FOSSA currently only supports the most popular VCS, git. Any other dependency will be found, but returned and labeled as unreachable in the FOSSA UI without any deep analysis data provided.

Version Resolution

FOSSA's behavior replicates go get to choose and resolve versions. Vendored dependencies (available in Golang 1.6+) are first visited, and then a cache of packages in $GOPATH. For more information, see the Golang docs on go get behavior here.

FOSSA's $GOPATH relies on a global cache of all analyzed revisions that FOSSA has previously scanned. This will often choose the latest commit on the master branch when resolving versions with no locked revision ID provided. To reliably ensure the same versions across build environments or in your local cache/$GOPATH, you can install a FOSSA plugin (when available) or begin locking your versions using a dependency manager.

Revision Locking

If your code uses a version locking system, FOSSA will prefer a locked version over what's available in the global $GOPATH. Currently, FOSSA supports Godep and govendor.