FOSSA supports Python projects through 2 package managers:

  • setuptools (Alpha)
  • pip (Alpha)


Project settings config is accessible and editable from the projects page (http://<fossa-host>/projects/<project>/settings/languages).

The environment variables used during project build is configurable via Project Settings > Builds and Languages > General.


distutils and setuptools

Dependencies are extracted from the install_requires parameter in a projects file. If the file has been customized, Fossa may not be able to pull out dependencies.

Eggs and Wheels

When possible, source code is downloaded over binary formats like .egg and .whl. If an egg or wheel is downloaded, its contents are inspected to find dependency information.

Version Control Systems

Python projects can refer to dependencies in a Version Control System (VCS). The following VCSs are supported by Python:

  • git (SUPPORTED)

Fossa currently only supports the git VCS as a dependency.

Known Issues

  • dist-info directories are currently skipped.
  • Mercurial, Subversion, and Bazaar Version Control Systems are not supported.
  • Source code distributed with XZ compression is not supported.
  • Custom build scripts (i.e. fabric, make, etc.) are not supported.
  • An inability to run or pip install -r <requirements.txt> is not supported.
  • Massive customizations to files are not supported.
  • C Extensions are not supported.