Rust (Alpha)

Fossa supports Rust with Cargo.


Fossa supports 1 form of configuration for Rust projects:

  1. Project settings config

Project Settings Config

Project settings config is accessible and editable from the projects page (http://<fossa-host>/projects/<project>/settings/languages).

The environment variables used during project build is configurable via Project Settings > Builds and Languages > General.

General Language and Build Settings


The Cargo build system pulls in dependencies based on:

  1. Name
  2. SemVer Version

Fossa derives dependencies by building your project and seeing which dependencies are brought in. Other metadata is fetched directly from repositories.

Here's some of the metadata that's pulled in:

  • Available versions
  • Home page URL -- if any
  • Repository URL -- if any
  • Dependencies
    • Name
    • Version
    • Platform
    • Optional
    • Scopes [none, dev, build]

Known Issues

  • Optional dependencies are currently handled incorrectly
    • They are handled in a maner similar to Java optional deps, when they should be enabled/disabled based on features.
  • Understanding default features aren't supported.
  • Understanding missing features aren't supported.
  • Path dependencies that go outside of your project are not handled.
  • Only publicly hosted dependencies are supported.
  • Cargo/Rust in general is fairly new and there hasn't been much around version management. it's possible that Fossa might not work against all versions of Rust/Cargo files.